Tuesday, April 26, 2011

TUTORIAL: Painting Ork Scrap Metal

I recently announced I was going to be releasing more tutorials: well here’s my method for painting Ork Scrap Metal (Looted metal).  This method is fast, easy and leaves a nice effect to your models. I hope this helps anybody out there!

I will be using an Ork Deffcopta as an example because the model contains a lot of metal areas and will be the most suitable for this tutorial.

Step 1:
Prime the model in Black:

Step 2:
Drybrush in Boltgun Metal

Step 3:
Apply a 1:1 mix of Tin Bitz and Shining Gold to any other areas of your choice.

Step 4:
Add a darker shade to the models by painting Tin Bitz onto areas of your choice.
This step didn''t come out as good on the camera

As you can see this method is great for painting a fast but effective metal, I know this will help me paint the 3 Deffcoptas, 6 Killa Kans and 1 Deff Dread in my army.

Thanks for reading; I hope you find this as useful as I do!


Saturday, April 23, 2011


I am pleased to announce that from now on I will be posting more and more tutorials to keep you guys interested and share my knowledge with others.  You can look forward to a lot of Ork tutorials, Dark Eldar, and even smaller things like eyes, skin and some terrain.

I will try and post small tips every now and then.  These small tips will be ones that have help greatly, and aren’t hard to do. 

Another thing I will be posting will be ways to save money in the hobby.  From product reviews to preserving paints, this way you will get top notch products and equipment for a little price, saving you more and more money.

I hope these tutorials will help to expand your hobby knowledge and give you ideas for future projects; my main goal is to share what I know to all the awesome viewers out there.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

GW Ork Homepage Stuffup

This has been on the site for more than three years now, just look at these pics:

Click to zoom

Apparently Sauron has taken over the Deff Dread Mobs.

I hope you like this and have a laugh seeing it for yourself!!

Happy Easter and Bye Bye!!


New Banner

Check out the new banner at the top of the site.
Its the limit to my terrible skill, if anyone can make a better one it would be much appreciated.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm back with a Sneaky Snikrot

Hey guys, been quite busy lately but managed to fit in a small post. I just newly painted my Boss Snikrot model from 2010 Christmas, and also made a light box to get better pics for the blog.

Here it is!!
I had trouble with lenses but they turned out fine in the end!!

Thanks for looking, I'm glad to be back and hope you like him.