Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hobby Review: Dremel Stylus

Hey guys, Just bough a new tool that will be a huge change to my hobby, the Dremel stylus.  This baby is a cordless lithium-ion rotary tool that comes with a massive amount of sanders, drill bits files and more. The tool is extremely comfortable and makes it a lot easier to keep a steady hand.

I have had past experiences with cheapo $20 drills that cannot even drill though GW plastic without stopping, burning out the motor or running out of battery.  Although I have gotten refund they seemed like a waste of time.  I decided to spend a little more than just $20, and purchased this drill and man is this thing great.  I got the inspiration from a 40k Youtube channel called Catattafish, where he has a video using this exact tool, and he demonstrates everything that needs to be known for his drill.

But what was the overall point of buying this drill?  I needed it for 3 things in general, pinning, converting and especially magnetizing.  I have always been a fan of the way you add magnets to models, they can move, and the parts can be swapped whenever you want, seems like a great thing to do for model value. 
(Experimental) Magnetized Ork Boy
96 3mm x 1.5mm Magnets

Converting is a new thing for me, although with the new purchase of some kneadtide (green stuff) and this drill, I’m ready to begin.  I have already made a big Mek out of a few Assault on Black Reach parts and miscellaneous stuff inside my bits box, and in my opinion he looks fairly nice.  But he is yet to be finished…
Th Mek Conversion (sorry about the bad pic)
Really needs to be painted

Lastly, pinning, with the new installment of citadel Finecast I will not have to pin as much as I should have to, but when I rarely get a metal mini this will come in handy. I already have my pins ready (papers clips cut with sprue cutters) and all I need now is a metal mini.

The moral of this post, if you are interested in magnetizing, converting and pinning, go out to your local hardware store and pick this bad boy up because this beast is an amazing tool that comes with a huge load of accessories and a great docking station for easy charge.  Hope you guys have enjoyed this post,



  1. I just have a regular pin vice at the moment but this will be on my christmas list haha.

  2. Great, I promise you will love it! You should write a post on it, I love love to see results...