Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vallejo or Citadel?

I have been trying to decide a tough decision that I will be facing in the future, Vallejo Paints or Citadel? 

In my newbish hobby stages I always though that because GW made great models, they must make great tools, paints ect, if I had known that back then I would have a huge amount of money saved.  I recently bought 6 Vallejo paint along with my gretchin and I have realized that Vallejo paint are the same, if not BETTER than Citadel paints. 

Here are my reasons for using Citadel

  • The pots are quite useful as I am not a fan of pallets
  • There are a bulk of tutorial on the forums, Youtube and GW website that use GW paint, these tutorials would become useless if I were to choose Vallejo
  • They offer great postage time (under 2 weeks)
  • Guaranteed results from the eavy’ metal team

The Reasons for using Vallejo:

  • MUCH more affordable than the Citadel range ($6 Citadel-$2.52 Vallejo)
  • More paint in the bottle (Citadel 15ml-Vallejo 16ml)
  • Less brush strokes when applying paint to smooth surfaces
  • A lot more paint in the line than Citadels, meaning less paint mixing
  • Plenty of ranges; Model Color, Game Color, Washes, and Model Air
  • Holds onto the plastic better than the Citadel paints

I will be making my decision very soon and will need your help for converting. I think its best to stick with one line of paint than two at once. 

So what’s your opinion on this matter, I will be pacing a poll on the blog if people want to help me decide.

Bye for now,



  1. I can give you an answer for one of your pros for Citadel. If you look it up there's colour comparisons to GW and Vallejo so basically if they use a certain paint thats GW just look it up and see what its similar/the same as in Vallejo.

  2. I've been musing about the same things lately (as my paint supply is starting to dwindle), saw this post and found this vallejo/citadel conversion table as a result

  3. To sum it up, Vallejo Game Color = Citadel. There is equivalent for everything except washes, and in that area vallejo offers the sepia (read devlan mud) and black (read badab black) in huge containers, and dirt cheap.
    Model color are basically 200-odd more shades you can add to your arsenal (and vallejo claim that the formula is different for model color but I cant see the difference). Model air is for airbrushing, and i never had good results brushing it on.
    And then we come to the creme-de-la-creme from vallejo, and those are the primers, varnishes, metallic medium, acrylic putty and modeling pastes which are all simply awsome, and its all cheaper than Citadel. (as a disclaimer, my personal paints are a very eclectic mix of everything including reaper, P3, Vallejo, Citadel, Americana deco acrylics, W&N acrylics, W&N oils, and everything i can get my hands on)

  4. I have known about the colour charts for a while, but they are sometimes different to the ones they say are the same. I have real proof...

    I am on the side of vallejo at the moment and I am drawing close to the day I place my next order!

  5. Personally I've always preffered Vallejo paints, I just feel you get a smoother coverage! Also, there is more in the bottle at a cheaper price...