Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Painting Update: Gretchin


I just got a new box of Gretchin in the mail and they are great little sculpts.  I spend the last few nights cutting them from their sprues, removing mould lines and flash, drilling out gun barrels, green stuffing gaps, sculpting more hats for them, and finally priming.  Now comes the fun step, PAINTING!! Hooray.

I have tried a few test models and I think these are some of the best models I’ve painted as far as Orks go.  I have changed my style of skin as well; instead of adding white to green to get a highlight I add yellow.  This makes the skin look a lot more organic. Using some Vallejo paint I tried a few new methods for cloth, red, and metal, and so far so good!

Without further ado, here they are:
Sorry guys, Didn't have time to crop the pic

UPDATE: I am leaning more towards the Vallejo line then the Citadel at the moment. Anymore input then just vote on the poll.


  1. Glad the paints are working out for you.
    The yellow works really well. If I ever get back to Orks I shall try that.

  2. Yeah, I find It strange that it took me 2 years to discover it. Great job on your Imperial fists BTW, their looking awesome!

  3. like the yellow-green grot skin, very not bad

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