Saturday, November 6, 2010

Orks, Orks, Orks and Eldar

Painters go through stages in their hobby life when they have no more miniatures to paint.  Well, when I woke up with a sudden urge to paint, I realised I've finished all the Orks I had. After a good 10 minutes of desperately searching for something to paint, I found an old Eldar Guardian with a turret at the back of my "undercoated" draw. Heres a photo:

I have now decided my next army will be Eldar, it really comes to show that a sudden urge to paint can become inspiration for a whole army!!

But anyway, just though I'd show you a few Orks I've painted: )

Here's the two burnas I've painted, I plan to have 10 of them driving around in an ork Trukk, that should be lots of burny fun!!


I know that 2 boyz Isn't a lot, but I've got another box of 10 on it's way, and when I get the AoBR set I'll have 22!! That's enough for mob. : )


Here's the Loota, Its too shameful to show the other one (I completely messed it up) : (
Burna Mek
I'm quite happy with this model, he was the first ork character I've painted and I was a little nervous.

I've got 10 ork boyz on the way so I'll post them up when their painted.   
(Hurry up stupid e-bay package, its been 20 days!!)



  1. Everything is looking great. The check patterns are phenomenal!


  2. Thanks!! :) I've always though my checks were really terrible.