Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Painting Tutorial: Ork Skin

If you are like me you don’t want to waste your precious money on those amazing but expensive GW paints.  As you may have noticed my current army is Orks.  As I have not yet posted any tutorials, I will be sharing my method for painting Ork skin with only two paints. 

This Money saving method is easy, and is great for people new to painting Orks.  I used this method on my first Ork and paint all my Orks the same. 

The two paints are Dark Angels Green and Goblin Green.  The Old Dark Angels green used to be a lot darker, but the new slightly brighter version is perfect for Orks Skin.  This tutorial will be explained in 4 easy steps.

Step 1:

 Basecoat DA green:

Step 2:

Mix 1:1 DA Green and Goblin Green and apply on the raised areas of the skin (muscles).

Step 3:

Mix 3:1 Goblin Green and DA green and apply over the higher levels of the skin leaving a shadowing effect.

Step 4:

Finally highlight the skin with straight Goblin Green.

This Method creates a shadowing effect to the skin and can prove to be extremely useful when batch 
painting.  I hope this tutorial has helped anyone new to Orks.

Feel free to comment any suggestions or Questions.


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  1. That's an interesting system, quite different from the ones I've heard of. I've seen your Warboss, the final product is amazing. I'll try it out sometime.