Friday, November 26, 2010

Ultramarines Movie

Unless you have been living in a cave for the past 2 months, you would know about the new Ultramarine's movie.  Well, It releases on the 29th of November, and for me that's 3 days away (I can't wait that long).  I've already ordered my copy and I strongly urge you to buy the Collectors edition from The Ultramarines The Movie Website.

If the trailer doesn't tickle your fancy then check out 40k radio's Ultramarine's Special show, it persuaded me!

40k Radio Ultramarines Suprise Show




  1. I was pretty surprised to hear that one of the local game shops here in town is going to hold a screening. I'm a bit apprehensive about the movie to be honest, but I'm still excited about it.

  2. That's great!
    You should consider yourself extremely lucky, there aren't much GW stores in Australia, or much gamers, but my friends are slowly getting into it.

    I myself can't wait to see the movie too!

    Thanks for the comment, Its really good to know someones reading APT.